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Timber Framing

Evidence of the art of timber framing dates back thousands of years. In the early nineteenth century, balloon framing was developed. Balloon framing systems were easier to handle than the large timbers that were used in traditional timber frames, and could be easily constructed with unskilled labor in a short period of time. As the industrial revolution began, and the demand for houses and buildings increased, the craft of timber framing was nearly lost. Many of the timber frames that were built in the 17th and 18th centuries are still standing today, a true testament to the quality, durability and perfectly engineered design of a timber frame.

In addition to the overall quality of a timber frame structure, the aesthetic value of the buildings speak for themselves. The strength of the structure and craftsmanship are visible, unlike balloon framing. The exposed posts, joists, girding beams and other components add character and history to any structure whether it be a home, barn, art studio or chicken coop that will be enjoyed for generations to come.