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About us

Here at White Oak Timber Frame and Woodworking we specialize in building traditional timber frame structures. Classic joinery is used on locally milled or hand hewed timbers. Native species are used as often as possible to reduce environmental impact. Each timber is hand-chosen and sized for its specific structurally appropriate location. The timber frame is a worthy investment which can be enjoyed for generations to come.

White Oak Timber Frame and Woodworking also specializes in the historic restoration of antique homes and barns. Our restorations range from small jobs, including cracked plaster and repairing plank flooring, to large jobs, including interior/exterior trim, wood shingle roofing and siding. We also replace structural members such as a rotten sills, posts, or insect infested girding beams. We can renew or revive the classic look of your home using hand planes, chisels, custom made materials, antique materials, and good old fashioned elbow grease.